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About Us

Graytec Global represents Graytec USA and Sweden-based Graytec AB.  The Graytec companies feature the patent-pending closed-loop Blue Circle System that uses an extra pipe stack to intake greywater from bathtubs, showers, and bathroom sinks before purifying it to potable quality (by US and Swedish standards), and then returns it back into those same showers, bathtubs, and bathroom sinks for direct reuse.  The Blue Circle System's effectiveness of saving up to 60% of water and up to 90% of the energy used to heat that water within buildings is verified by Chalmers University of Technology.  The second solution offered by Graytec is the traditional open-loop Blue Eco System, which also intakes greywater from showers, bathtubs, and bathroom sinks, but then cleanses it for indirect reuses, such as washing machines, landscaping, and toilet flushing.  This system saves up to 45% of the water used within buildings.

Graytec's vision is to set a higher standard for in-building water and energy conservation in the same vein as to how LEED Architecture raised the bar for eco efficient building design.  Graytec's mission is to work with as many forward-thinking real estate developers, builders, infrastructure providers, and property owners as possible to enact that vision as a measure of climate change adaption and prevention.  Graytec AB was founded in Sweden in 2016 and entered its market in 2020 by serving customers such as Swedish real estate developer, Junehem. Graytec USA was founded in 2019 as the American and export arm of the two.  We invite you to help us turn buildings blue!

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