Meet The Team

Per picture.jpg

Per Ericson


Graytec AB

Graytec USA

Per is the inventor of our solutions.  He founded Graytec AB in 2016, and later cofounded Graytec USA in 2019.  

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Christina Cardeni


Graytec AB

Christina has overseen Graytec AB's operations since 2016.


Patrik Cardeni

Chief Operating Officer

Graytec AB

Patrik has supported Graytec AB's technical and business aspects since 2016.

luke pic.jpg

Luke Jackson


Graytec USA

Luke cofounded Graytec USA in 2019, and he has also served as an Advisor to the Board for Graytec AB since 2017.


Jesper Knutsson 

Chief Technology Officer

Graytec AB

Jesper has applied his extensive understanding of civil engineering and design as an officer for Graytec AB since 2020.


Gohar Jaffery

Director of Sales

Graytec USA

Gohar joined Graytec USA in 2021.  He sells Graytec systems in Asia, in addition to leading sales in the USA.

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Debashis Ghosh

Director of Sales, Asia

Graytec USA

Kenneth Abildgård
Advisor to the Board
Graytec AB

Debashis joined Graytec USA in 2021.  He leads Graytec USA's Asian efforts from Kolkata, India.

Kenneth joined Graytec AB as an advisor assisting in a technical capacity in 2021. He is based in Sweden.