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There is work to be done...


The underdeveloped world is growing unsustainably fast.  Worse yet, the underdeveloped world's markets are increasingly seeking lifestyle's similar to that of their counterparts in the rich world.

The Graytec Companies are proud to offer markets such as India, China, Bangladesh, and other nations the Blue Circle System.  Embracing clean technology early means that the developing world will avoid the wasteful mistakes of the West.

Our verticals within the underdeveloped world are the same as in Sweden: residential, hotels, hospitals, prisons, schools, etc.


The rich world's unprecedented rise in quality-of-life throughout the 20th and 21st Centuries came at a heavy environmental cost.  The global north cannot continue its current rates of consumption due to drought, as well as because of increasing water costs and energy costs.

The Graytec Companies will offer their flagship Blue Circle System to markets within the developed world, but regulations (currently) do not allow for direct reuse of water for potable purposes for grid-connected properties, so our efforts will focus on both selling our Blue Circle System to niche developments (e.g. ski resorts, eco lodges, and ships), and also on partnering with like-minded greywater technology companies to sell their regulation-friendly products.