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Blog: Thoughts on World Water Day

Another World Water Day has passed, and I find myself both inspired and apprehensive about the World's future concerning water. The question that sits at the front of my mind during World Water Day (and all of the time, to be honest) is "when will the paradigm for water use change?" And I ask that question not only concerning better water use within buildings, but also regarding smarter water use within industries such as agriculture and manufacturing.

Climate change's relation to shrinking freshwater supplies and unfriendly long-term weather patterns remain an utmost concern, and it has rightfully garnered significant attention, yet it has nearly overshadowed the greater public's discussion regarding water use. Typically, public utilities become the focal point of water in concern to the public and private sector's consumption rates, but far less is discussed in the context of how to more intelligently use what is available.

It's heartening to see innovative companies offering solutions to conserving water. Those solutions range from digitized water finance to more efficient crop watering systems. But will those solutions, along with Graytec Global and its fellow companies that offer in-building water-conservation systems be enough to help prevent or (at least) delay the failure of major population centers in places such as India or South Africa that suffer from inadequate water supplies? To answer that question - you may need to ask me on World Water Day in 2022.

At the risk of sounding like a doomsayer - let's continue working as if we don't have many World Water Days left before a Day Zero hits. Because, if there aren't many World Water Days left before a Day Zero hits a large population, then it's best to maximize our time to prevent or mitigate it. And, if nature grants parched cities worldwide a reprieve, then I would simply be wrong. I can live with the latter outcome just fine!

- Luke Jackson


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