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Graytec AB is going to China!

We are thrilled to announce that Graytec AB has been selected as a finalist for the Scandinavia Haining Center's 2019 Landing Program! This program has narrowed Graytec AB along with five other Swedish startups as finalists for their startup program which features first through third prizes of between 1,000,000 CNY and 6,000,000 CNY. Winners of this competition will also receive help with the entire process of starting a company in China.

Luke Jackson and Per Ericson will represent Graytec AB during this competition that runs between September 10th through the 13th.

We would like to thank the Scandinavia Haining Center that works in tandem with the Administrative Committee of the Zhejiang Haining Economic Development Zone for this opportunity!

Please visit to learn more about the Haining Landing Program.

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