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Graytec USA and India's Water Crisis

Graytec USA offers relief for India’s water crisis

India is suffering through its worst water crisis in years, so Graytec USA intends to enter its market in 2020.

Graytec USA offers its Blue Circle System to help alleviate the water shortages and impure waters that are plaguing parts of India. Our in-building, internationally patent-pending, closed-loop circular system intakes waters from showers, bathtubs, and bathroom sinks, and then purifies them before returning those waters back into those same showers, bathtubs, and bathroom sinks for direct reuse.

The Blue Circle System saves up to 60% of the water used in buildings, and also up to 80% of the energy used to heat that water in users' buildings.

Graytec USA is the sister company of Graytec AB, the Swedish clean technology company that started our endeavor in 2016. Currently, our prototype’s live testing of greywater at Chalmers University of Technology’s HSB Living Lab in Gothenburg, Sweden are yielding water qualities that meet potable standards for nations such as the USA and Sweden. The KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm is also assisting us in our initial testing efforts.

One of our systems can purify greywater for up to hundreds of units within a building

Graytec USA’s target markets are residential buildings, hospitals, military bases, and other structures that produce larger amounts of greywater. Real estate developers and builders are the market actors that we intend to reach. However, our Blue Circle System can build or retrofit its solution into any building that produces greywater.

Our prototype is tested at Gothenburg University of Technology's 29-apartments at its HSB Living Lab

The Graytec Companies invite real estate developers, builders, government officials, etc. to tour our solution at Chalmers University of Technology’s HSB Living Lab in Gothenburg, Sweden to learn more about how our Blue Circle System can immediately help alleviate India’s crisis.

A successful live demonstration and test run of the Blue Circle System below:


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