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News: Jadavpur University and Graytec USA Form a Partnership

Updated: Oct 2, 2021

Jadavpur University has officially formed a research partnership with Graytec USA! Graytec AB will also be involved in this partnership, as well. Both entities will propel an ongoing exchange of research that will lead to better methods to fighting the world's water crises.

Graytec AB began as part of Chalmers University of Technology's research ecosystem in 2016, and Graytec USA soon became a member of the University of Arizona's Center for Innovation after its founding in 2019. Now, the Graytec companies can boast a third university on as many continents to add to its knowledge base!

Established in 1906, Jadavpur University is located in Kolkata, in the State of West Bengal, India. India's National Institutional Ranking Framework has ranked Jadavpur University as having the 5th overall best university-level engineering school in the country. This school shared our passion for water-centric research. For example, Jadavpur University's School of Water Resources & Engineering has been instrumental in research that has identified various levels of arsenic in West Bengal's groundwater. Graytec Global is proud to work with them to find innovative ways to improve the conservation and quality of water in India, and beyond.

We'd like to thank Jadavpur University's staff for graciously partnering with us, and we look forward to shared discoveries in 2021 and beyond!


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