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News: Swedish developer orders the delivery of Graytec AB's solution

Graytec AB was announced as one of the sustainability partners involved in Vätterhem's and Yellon's development in the Öxnehaga area of Jönköping. This development will be 100% off-grid concerning energy and water. Graytec AB's Blue Circle System will host a central role in the purification of these new homes' on-site recycling of greywater. Construction is expected to start no later than 2021.

This was announced on Monday the 29th of June, during Elmiadalen. Elmiadalen is Sweden’s largest annual gathering regarding cutting-edge environmental and sustainable solutions. Thorbjörn Hammerth, the CEO of Vätterhem, which is a leading real estate developer in the Jönköping Municipality, recently announced that Vätterhem is working with Swedish placemaking firm, Yellon, to develop dozens of living units in Öxnehaga. Yellon is an innovative company that executes projects for initiatives ranging from architecture to urban development.

Graytec AB is excited to take part in this project, and please contact Per Ericson at or Christina Cardeni at to learn more what we and our colleagues are doing to create a new level of sustainable housing!


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