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Partner Spotlight: Chalmers University of Technology

Graytec AB and Graytec USA wouldn't have their flagship Blue Circle System without the support of Chalmers University of Technology, located in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Chalmers University of Technology is the home of over 12,000 students, and many of them take advantage of the university's second-to-none research infrastructure. One of those infrastructures includes the HSB Living Lab, which is a research and demonstration facility located within the Johanneberg Science Park. The HSB Living Lab is a 29-unit living complex where students and faculty test environmentally friendly technologies. Graytec AB's Blue Circle System was developed at the HSB Living lab, and both the guidance and funding that we received from university staff were crucial to our success.

Please visit to discover more about why this school has been named as one of the best technology universities in the world by MIT and the QS World University Rankings. You can visit the home of our Blue Circle System at

We can't thank Chalmers University of Technology enough for what they've done for us!


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