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Thoughts from the North

I recently attended my EMBA's final residential requirement in Ontario, Canada and Ithaca, New York. I couldn't help but reflect on the abundance of water in this area of North America, and how incredibly fortunate Canada and the USA are to have the Great Lakes. Now that I'm returned, I'm reminded of the exceptionalness of that environment as I see the opening World Cup games starting in water-stressed Qatar and as I prepare for my upcoming MBA program's Global Capstone Project in a growingly arid Chile.

Graytec is currently recalibrating its focus to reflect the diverging realities of water access and

quality seen from Canada to Cambodia. I'm proud of our growing success in Sweden, but we're in this to conserve water and energy beyond the borders of Scandinavia, so Graytec's repositioning will soon reflect that. We hope that those reading this will collaborate with us, or (at least) follow our progress as we move forward!

- Luke Jackson


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