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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Graytec AB and Graytec USA's vision and mission?

Graytec's vision is to improve the way that water and energy are conserved within buildings in the same vein as to how LEED Architecture raised the bar for energy efficient design.  Graytec's mission is to work with as many eco conscious real estate developers, builders, and property owners as possible. 

What makes Graytec's Blue Circle System different from other in-building greywater reuse systems?

Our Blue Circle System is effective to the point that it cleans greywater to potable quality, as verified by the HSB Living Lab at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden.  This quality is above drinking standards set by Sweden and the USA.

Additionally, Graytec integrates this system (as well as its Blue Eco System) into the buildings that it is contracted to services, so we are able to tailor-make deliverables for our customers.  Scale is another advantage that we offer, as one system can service multiple units.  Graytec also is your sustainability concierge, so we are as collaborative as our customers would like us to be!

Does Graytec hold patents or has it filed for them?

We've filed for a patent pertaining to our Blue Circle System and we plan to file for additional ones soon.

Is Graytec's technology verified?  

Graytec's system is verified by both customers and by Chalmers University of Technology, which is located in Gothenburg, Sweden.

How does Graytec's process work after an agreement has been made?

Graytec meets with it's customers' representatives in charge of building design, and then works alongside them in a consultative role to ensure that their water and energy savings are maximized.

Are your systems automated?

Yes.  Both of our systems are automated and feature sensors that detect the qualities of incoming water and current water qualities, so that waters that may be too impure to purify are rejected as wastewater.

Do your systems have anything to do with blackwater lines?

No.  Toilet and urinal lines are completely separate from our additional pipe stacks that feed 100% greywater into our systems. 

What about maintenance?

Graytec's systems are low maintenance by nature, and the (typically) quarterly process changing the filters used in them is taught to regular building staff that already are assigned to oversee air conditioners, heaters, etc.

What about warranties?

Graytec offers an initial warranty with each new project.  Extended warranties are also available.

Are there other products that Graytec offers?

Yes.  We also offer rainwater collectors and stormwater mitigation systems as a distributor for INTEWA.  

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