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The Blue Eco System

  • Produces recycled greywater with NSF-350 compliant technology

  • Stores and uses greywater from showers, bathtubs, and bathroom sinks for indirect reuses, including toilet flushing, washing machines, and landscaping

  • Scalable and custom fit for homes ranging up to commercial buildings

  • Efficient open-loop installation that is made in collaboration with those constructing new buildings, or it can be retrofitted into existing buildings

  • Saves over 50% of the water used within a commercial building

  • This solution is highly customizable and maximizes its efficiency at scale

  • A single Blue Eco System can service hundreds of living units within a multifamily development

  • A single Blue Eco System can service several thousands of square feet of a commercial development

  • The Blue Eco System is easily maintained, and routine servicing techniques can be taught to building maintenance staff

  • The Blue Eco System is typically kept in a maintenance room, basement, roof, or elsewhere that is out of sight from building occupants and visitors

  • The Blue Eco System has consistent water quality monitoring sensors built into it

  • The Blue Eco System is a simple design that requires little more than space within a utility closet, as well as a simple (extra) pipe stack that runs greywater from bathrooms into the system

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