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A "thank you" to Skanska

Words from Jesper Knutsson's recent statement on LinkedIn....

"It's great that this project is getting attention in the industry media. Greywater is generally an underutilised resource in Sweden and it is good that more initiatives are emerging to remedy this situation. Elisabet Werecki and Skanska take stock of the current situation in the industry and I had the privilege of being involved and talking about my experiences, from Graytec AB, Chalmers University of Technology and BENGT DAHLGREN GÖTEBORG AB.

Greywater recycling is being implemented in an increasing number of new productions around Sweden, but now we are aiming to include the older property portfolio through a project together with HSB / HSB Living Labwhere we look at #vatteneffektivisering in existing properties in connection with e.g. pipe renovation."


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