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The last "problem post"

Occasionally, Graytec, like many other startups and otherwise, have posted about the terrible consequences related to water that are related to climate change, government regulations, poor urban planning, and the slowness of the private sector to embrace higher standards of construction. This latest crisis so happens to affect one of the world's largest metro areas - Mexico City. This city has the inauspicious distinction of following other places struggling with water, such as Chennai and Cape Town.

Unfortunately, pointing out the problem seems to do little to solve it. And frustratingly, restating the (partial solution) the decentralized systems that Graytec (and similar companies) possess aren't speeding up the remedy to pace of the water crises. Therefore, this will be our last "the problem" post for 2024. Instead, we'll invite others to help us springboard our traction in Scandinavia to places that need to ensure clean water within buildings while saving energy the most.

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