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News: Graytec AB begins installing orders in Taberg, Sweden

Graytec AB is proud to announce that is filling its first order for Junehem, a housing company that manages and leases over 2,500 homes within Jönköping County, Sweden. Graytec is installing the first greywater and rainwater reuse systems for Junehem's Sörsjön building project in the locality of Taberg. These conventional greywater reuse systems being installed will loop greywater from showers and bathroom sinks for non-potable uses such as toilet flushing, irrigation, and bicycle washing. Graytec AB's rainwater collection systems will store and loop rainwater for the aforementioned purposes, as well.

The tanks for the first 5 buildings have been installed within the ground, and the final tasks of installing control units and other equipment within those buildings will begin in approximately six months, which is shortly before the buildings will be move-in ready in early 2022.

Please reach out to us at either or if you are interested in reducing water and energy consumption through smarter buildings! A link with more general information about the Sörsjön project can be found directly below, and please explore more about Junehem at


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